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Talisman har denne perioden to hytter til disposisjon, en på Hovden og en på Flekkerøya, klikk på bildene over for link til mer informasjon om hyttene.       Leie: 500,-  for weekend, 1000,- for uke.

           For oversikt over ledige perioder på begge hyttene, klikk her :                   GydaInfo.com  klikk her :  



1. All employees of Talisman Norge (including expats) have the right to participate in the cabin draw.

2. Rental periods are whole weeks during the school summer holidays and a combination of weeks and weekends the rest of the summer season. Check-out and check-in time is at 14:00. Employees who rent the cabins are responsible to hand it the the next person clean and tidy by check-out time.

3. Everybody can list 3 prioritized periodes for the draw. Deadline for sending application is Thursday 20th of April. Draw 21st April - list with results will be sent out as soon as possible after the draw.

4. If there are available periods after the draw, then these will be reserved on a first come first serve. This is also the case if somebody withdraws from their rental period.

5. The pay is 1000 NOK per week or 500 per half week. If you do not wish to use the cabin after you have gotten it through the draw and nobody else wants to use it, you will be responsible for paying the rent. If you do not wish to use the cabin, send an e-mail to Lene Andersen and the cabin will be made available for others.

NB! By applying for the cabin, you accept that the cabin rent will be taken out of you pay.                                     Availabilityonline


Lene Andersen  (1444)

e-mail: hytte@gydainfo.com